Hans Offringa is an established bilingual author and media expert who has been writing and presenting about whisky for over 30 years, culminating in over 40 books on the subject. He is a Keeper of the Quaich, Kentucky Colonel, Lifetime International Ambassador of the Spirit of Speyside Whisky Festival, Honorary Ambassador of the Scotch Malt Whisky Society (SMWS) and the first Dutch Inductee of the Whisky Hall of Fame.

Hans is European Contributing Editor for Whisky Magazine. He writes and photographs for various other magazines and newspapers in Europe and the USAFurthermore he is a judge at the Scottish Whisky Awards and the World Whisky Awards and serves as Director on the Advisory Board of The Council of Whiskey Masters.

Becky Lovett Offringa holds a Bachelor of Science in Marine Biology from the College of Charleston. She joined her husband, whisky writer Hans Offringa, to form The Whisky Couple in 2005. She is a Keeper of the Quaich.

As co-owner of their media production company, Becky is responsible for the details behind the scenes: research management, editing books and articles, contributing photography, realising the layout of books and managing social media accounts. She is co-author of 12 whisky books.

Becky has been a respected and well-liked judge at the Scottish Whisky Awards since its inception as well as judging for the World Whisky Awards and the Dutch Whisky Awards.

Hans and Becky Offringa are known internationally as The Whisky Couple, a registered tradename of their media production company Conceptual Continuity. The Whisky Couple works as writers, translators, editors and photographers for the whisky industry at large. In addition they develop marketing concepts and material for the international whisky trade. They are both Keepers of the Quaich.