Advisory work 

Conceptual Continuity started in 1988, at the time focused on multimedia. Hans has since advised many companies in connecting various media. He is considered the father of publishing-and-printing on demand, having set up the first company of its kind in 1994, called Gopher Publishers. In the early 2000s he advised Xerox Europe and Amazon USA on the expansion of this business model in their own value chain. He also advised publishers in Europe and the USA on using the model and helped implement an on-demand production site at the Dutch Library Association. With famous Dutch pianist Jan Vayne he developed a multimedia project around classical music education. This inspired Hans to create his Drinks & Music Trilogy, where he was a forerunner in pairing printed books with interactive e-books.

Marketing concepts

Hans and Becky develop innovative marketing concepts and products for the whisky industry. For example, they created the Four Roses Bourbon & Blues Tour, with live music, storytelling and whiskey tasting at venues throughout the Netherlands. A few more illustrations: the Famous Page-a-Day Whisky Calendar for The Famous Grouse, Whisky in je Pocket sealed with three whiskies for the Mitra chain of liquor stores, the Malt Log for The Glenlivet, cooking with whisky for 3 Michelin Star restaurant de Librije and original whisky tastings for producers, such as the Star Wars Tasting in a warehouse, far, far away, for the Scotch Malt Whisky Society and Glen Moray.

Writing & photography

Hans writes and produces commissioned books using his clear, deceptively easy style to make the subject accessible and enjoyable for layman and expert. He and Becky oversee a turnkey process for these books, ensuring customer satisfaction. For his Scottish colleagues’ books, Hans has contributed forewords, chapters and editorial skills. Hans and Becky do most of their own photography and have frequently provided images for other whisky writers and publishers. Write us to enquire about specific projects.

Translation services

Over time Hans has translated a score of whisky books from fellow whisky writers, among whom Michael Jackson (†), Charles MacLean MBE, Dave Broom, David Wishart (†), Neil Wilson and Eddie Ludlow. For the whisky industry Hans and Becky translate tasting notes and other marketing material, both English to Dutch and the other way around. Occasionally they take on commissioned translation work on other topics and of course they translate their own books from Dutch to English and back. Let us know how we can help your company.