The Road to Craigellachie – revisited

The Road to Craigellachie was one of Hans’ first whisky books, wherein he describes his discovery of the world of whisky with a healthy dose of humour. The tale starts in 1974 in the attic of a school friend and ends more than 30 years later in the bar of the famous whisky hotel in Craigellachie, Scotland. This version has been updated from the original. The book closes with three compact trip guides for the first-timer to Scotland, each covering a different region.

“A journey embracing 35 years of exploration into the pleasures of Scotch whisky and Scotland. Hans Offringa is a companionable, perceptive and well-informed guide, and his account is a pleasure to read.” – Charles MacLean MBE

The popular English edition of The Road to Craigellachie has been “revisited” and is available both in paperback (192 pages) and Kindle (full colour) versions.

Dutch edition here.