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The Whisky Couple regularly write articles and contribute photographs covering their favourite topic, whisky, to various newspapers, magazines and websites around the globe.


Hans has written more than 40 books about whisky, in English and Dutch, many together with Becky. Hans has translated his colleague’s whisky books as well as supplying forewords, chapters and photography.


Conceptual Continuity started as a consulting company specialised in multimedia. As well as advisory work, Hans and Becky create marketing concepts, offer writing & translation services and deliver photography.

In the spotlight

These are some of our favourites!


Find out what others have to say about our books.

The Unseen Collection

Charles MacLean MBE

‘This massive undertaking has been meticulously researched and executed by Hans and Becky. It is an invaluable reference for collectors, but it also provides an insight into the history of bottled malt whisky.’

A Field Guide to Whisky

Dr Nick Morgan

‘A perfect guide for someone making their first (or maybe their second or third) journey into the world of whisky.’

200 Years of Laphroaig 1815-2015

Martine Nouet

‘Superbly illustrated, offering an accurate and rich insight into two hundred years of the life of a legendary whisky, this book is a milestone… and a definitive, heartfelt contribution to knowledge.’