200 Years of Laphroaig 1815-2015

In 200 Years of Laphroaig 1815-2015, Hans has written a completely updated history of the distillery based on The Legend of Laphroaig. This book has beautiful modern photography from Laphroaigcollector Marcel van Gils, also the contributing editor.

New material includes interviews with past distillery managers and distillery employees in 2015. Twenty-one years of The Friends of Laphroaig are reviewed and illustrated. Finally there is an overview of the 200th anniversary celebrations.

200 Years of Laphroaig 1815-2015 is “Superbly illustrated, offering an accurate and rich insight into two hundred years of the life of a legendary whisky, this book is a milestone… and a definitive, heartfelt contribution to knowledge.”  – Martine Nouet